Travel directions

Here is some useful information concerning how to get to the conference/institute, your hotel and travelling in Potsdam and Berlin.

Arriving by Plane

The Airport Berlin-Schönefeld is located in Schönefeld, south-east of Berlin. It is well connected to all the major train stations in Berlin (ZooHauptbahnhofOstbahnhof) by public transportation. From Schönefeld you can also take the regional train RB22 directly to Golm or Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. The journey to Potsdam/Golm takes about 30-40 minutes. A taxi to Potsdam/Golm will be 50 € or more, and takes 45-60 minutes. Renting a car at the airport is also an option.

The Airport Berlin-Tegel is located in northern Berlin. It is well connected to most major train stations in Berlin (ZooHauptbahnhof) by public bus transportation. From Tegel you first have to take the bus to get to a train or S-Bahn station; the bus TXL goes to the main train station. From there you should follow the instructions for "From Berlin/Potsdam" below. The journey to Potsdam/Golm takes about 60-70 minutes. A taxi to Potsdam/Golm will be 50 € or more, and takes 45-60 minutes. Renting a car at the airport is also an option.

Arriving by Train

All intercity trains stop in Berlin Hauptbahnhof, some in Berlin Spandau or Berlin Südkreuz. The journey to Potsdam/Golm by public transportation takes around one hour.

A taxi to Potsdam/Golm will be 50 € or more, and takes around 45 minutes.


Schedules for public transportation in Berlin may be found at or When searching for a connection enter as starting point (von), respectively:

  • Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
  • Potsdam Hauptbahnhof
  • Potsdam Luisenplatz Süd
  • Berlin Hauptbahnhof
  • Berlin Ostbahnhof

The destination (nach) is, respectively:

  • Potsdam Luisenplatz (Hotel am Luisenplatz, Steigenberger Hotel)
  • Golm, Weinmeisterstrasse (Landhotel Potsdam)
  • Golm, Wissenschaftspark (Institute)


  • Between Airport Berlin-Schönefeld and Potsdam/Golm by RB22Berlin BC (2.80 € single ride)
  • Between downtown Potsdam and Golm: Potsdam AB (1.90 € single ride, 4.00 € daily, 12.10 € weekly)
  • Between Berlin and Potsdam/Golm: Berlin ABC (3.10 € single ride, 7.00 € daily, 34.60 € weekly)

From Hotel am Luisenplatz or Steigenberger Hotel

Hotel am Luisenplatz is situated in central Potsdam at Luisenplatz opposite the city gate. To get to the institute, take the bus lines 605606 from Luisenplatz Süd to Golm Wissenschaftspark. Alternatively, you can walk to the train station Potsdam Charlottenhof and take the regional train to Golm.

From Landhotel Potsdam

Landhotel Potsdam is located in GolmReiherbergstraße 33 fairly close to the institute, you can walk in ten to fifteen minutes, see the site map. The closest stops are Am Urnenfeld (bus line 606, about 5 minutes walk) or Bahnhof Golm (regional train, bus lines 605/606).

From Berlin/Potsdam

From Berlin there are two options for getting to the institute in Potsdam-Golm. Either you can take the regional train RE1 for Magdeburg (runs hourly) to Golm. Note that this train does not stop in Potsdam–due to construction work there is currently no regional train between Berlin and Potsdam, only the suburb train called S-Bahn S7 to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof runs from Berlin to Potsdam.

If you decide to take as the second option the S-Bahn S7 to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof you have the following options from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof:

  • Take a regional train: Both RE1 for Brandenburg and RB22 for Berlin Brandenburg Flughafen take nine minutes to get to Golm and run about once an hour. Once you arrive in Golm, follow the road for about 500 m to the Wissenschaftspark.
  • Take bus 605606 from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof to Golm Wissenschaftspark. Buses take about 25 minutes to get to Golm but run every 10 minutes. Buses leave from the bus station, which you can find in front of the Hauptbahnhof (follow the sign "Bus"). The bus line numbers are indicated at each stopping place.

Traveling by Car

Please use a route planner, such as http://www.viamichelin.com or, and use as destination address:

  • Luisenplatz 5, 14471 Potsdam (Hotel am Luisenplatz)
  • Reiherbergstrasse 33, 14476 Potsdam-Golm (Landhotel Potsdam)
  • Am Muehlenberg 1, 14476 Potsdam-Golm (institute)

To get to the institute from Berlin: Leave the highway (Autobahn) A115 at the exit Potsdam Babelsberg and turn at Potsdam-Zentrum. Follow the directions to Autobahn Hamburg until Golm is indicated.

Other routes: Leave the highway (Autobahn) A10 at the exit Leest and turn at Potsdam. Pass Leest and Grube to get to Golm.

On the Campus

Once on the campus, go to the central building, see the site maps below:

Map of Wissenschaftspark Potsdam-Golm
Map of Wissenschaftspark Potsdam-Golm